Gifted kids

Do you have a gifted kid at home? Or know a gifted kid?

My son is 7 and we started him out at a STEM school thinking it would be a great fit for him. Little did we know that the homework my son was getting sent home he would do in a couple minutes. When we asked her about it and said it was too easy for him she said she would send home other homework. When he came home from school the next day what did he have? The same homework just more of it!!! I mean really? That is when we decided to look into different options for school.

His best friend goes to a school for gifted kids and his mom told us about it. We decided to take a tour and see what it was about. When we took the tour they were describing the attributes of gifted kids and such and it clicked. That’s what our son needs. This is the environment he needs to be in. We got him in as soon as possible. He couldn’t be happier there and he has been there for a year and a half now!

This week has been one of the hardest though. He is a gifted kid so he is a perfectionist and wants to get everything right and perfect. Spelling has always been hard for him and he ends up being behind in his spelling lists. I sat down with him and tried to help him with his spelling and the minute he gets it wrong he gets mad at himself for getting it wrong and has a meltdown. What do you do when you have a gifted child and they are perfectionists and have meltdowns? Have any of you experienced this?



One thought on “Gifted kids

  1. Here are a couple of thoughts. My daughters was very hard on herself when she was your sons age. She would usually make A’s on her Math tests and I found myself looking forward to the day when she did not get the A because I felt she put too much emphasis on the grade rather than the fun of learning math. I know that sounds a little strange but I needed her to know that her worth and value was not in the grade it was because she was a wonderful girl apart from grades or performance. I’m not sure if this is what your son is dealing with but if you can help him find the joy in learning rather than just the grade that may help.
    I believe there is a balance to working toward the goal of the grade and the joy that can be found in learning for the sake of learning. I am an educator and spent over 20 years in the classroom and eventhough I had to pay attention to the grades, my desire was to see children love learning. I gravitated towards the Charlotte Mason approach to education whenever I could because I felt it was more nurturing for children.
    I hope these thoughts help.
    Be encouraged and know that you are doing a wonderful job as a mother.


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