The Road to my Etsy Shop!

When I opened my Etsy shop back in 2011 I never dreamed I would make any money selling anything on it. I started out not doing crochet baby things at all even. When my son was a toddler I started cross stitching bookmarks. I had a neighbor ask if I sold them and I told her that I never really though of it before. She said she would buy one from me because she thought they were beautiful and unique! So I made her a custom one and she loved it! I decided to give it a try and open up an Etsy shop and see if I could make anything out of it.

I started with only the bookmarks. Here are a couple I made that started out in my shop.

I didn’t really sell many of them online, but I did get lots of compliments on my craftsmanship. Then I took a bit to think about what else I could do.

My mom started to teach me to crochet when I was in middle school and I picked it up really easy. I started to help her make blankets and stuff and enjoyed it a lot. So when I looked back at what I was good at I thought of that. Then I was trying to think what was popular right now and I automatically thought of babes. DING!!!

I started making baby hats and headbands. I didn’t want just a plain headband though. It needed to be different then most of them. Searching for embellishments, I found a butterfly that I could crochet. I attached it to the headband and it was super cute! My first item that I sold was the butterfly headband that I created!


When I sold that one I started to create different colored ones to sell and then did really well, but my shop needed more.

I started to create baby hats and I wanted something more with it. I found a book that was baby crochet patterns and it helped a ton! I started to create some baby shoes/booties to go with the hats. Those sets started to take off too and began selling.

It wasn’t enough though, and I needed something to make my shop unique. Racking my brain trying to think of what I could make to add to my shop that would be different. I wanted to keep with the babies because they are super cute and fun to create for. Then I thought of twins. What do people need for twins to help tell them apart? Most people get two different colored hats, or some put nail polish on their feet. I wanted something different but cute at the same time. Another DING!!!! Baby Bracelets/Anklets! Creating two different colors for each twin! Since then my shop has taken off. The baby bracelets/anklets have been my biggest seller. I have don’t lots of different variations and it makes my shop unique and gives parents of twins a unique and fun way to tell their little ones apart!


So for those of you that own a Etsy shop and think you are not getting enough sales? Give it some time. My shop started out super slow and I had to re-think the items in my shop. While I still like to make the headbands and hats and still have them in my shop when I have them, I found my niche with the baby bracelets!


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