Father’s Day gift ideas

When you are thinking of gifts for your father, husband, grandfather, etc on this holiday what do you think of?

  • The spots man gift?
  • The cozy man gift?
  • The geeky man gift?
  • The practical man gift?

There are lots of different kinds of men out there. Then the next thing to think of is do you go the store bought gift way? How about buying a handmade gift?

Well since I am a crafter I like to try to go the making the handmade gift! Then I have to think about what gift to make, but searching for Father’s Day crochet on the internet I found a lot of different ideas that I can use to create my own unique gift! So when you are thinking about gifts for Father’s Day I always think the best gift is handmade by you! Think about what they like and what they will use!

  • For the sportsy guy you could create something for golf covers!
  • For a cozy man there is the beer cozie!
  • How about the practical men! That’s what I am going for is the soap bar holder/scrubber!

There are lots of ideas out there! Just be creative!


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