Thinking about what to make next for my family for the couch. I am still working on a Minecraft creeper granny square for my son but I want to make something for all of us for the couch.

There is this new yarn called Sweet Roll Yarn that I really want to try for a blanket.¬† So I am going to start that project today after I hit Joann Fabric’s for the yarn. Then I was looking on facebook in my crochet group that I am a part of and one of the girls posted her WIP that she was currently on. I really liked it and have so many ideas for different designs for blankets! So I asked her about it and she said it was a graphgan. What is that? I had no idea what it was and had to google it (like I do with a lot of things lol). It is exactly what it says it is, a graph afghan! You take a picture and put it on a graph and then you can follow the graph (many youtube videos to show you how) and you can make any picture on a afghan you want!

So after I create my blanket with the sweet roll yarn that I have in my head to create (which I will post as I am creating), then I want to create a graphgan for my couch!! SUPER EXCITED!!

Have any of you created one? If so share your creations!


Father’s Day gift ideas

When you are thinking of gifts for your father, husband, grandfather, etc on this holiday what do you think of?

  • The spots man gift?
  • The cozy man gift?
  • The geeky man gift?
  • The practical man gift?

There are lots of different kinds of men out there. Then the next thing to think of is do you go the store bought gift way? How about buying a handmade gift?

Well since I am a crafter I like to try to go the making the handmade gift! Then I have to think about what gift to make, but searching for Father’s Day crochet on the internet I found a lot of different ideas that I can use to create my own unique gift! So when you are thinking about gifts for Father’s Day I always think the best gift is handmade by you! Think about what they like and what they will use!

  • For the sportsy guy you could create something for golf covers!
  • For a cozy man there is the beer cozie!
  • How about the practical men! That’s what I am going for is the soap bar holder/scrubber!

There are lots of ideas out there! Just be creative!

Still learning

Just because I have been crocheting for years and years doesn’t mean I don’t have mistakes. I am still working on the blanket for my son and I am noticing my squares are crooked. Granted its for my son so I am not trying to be perfect on this like I would for my shop, but I would like to be able to figure out what I am doing wrong.


So don’t think that just because you own a shop that you don’t make mistakes or can’t learn more.

One of the things that I LOVE is being a part of some great crochet groups on Facebook. I get so see some beautiful pieces of work and these ladies are all super nice and helpful. They not only show what they are working on but if you have a question or need advice they are always there to help! I also found a blog that has lots of good feedback and info too! I would love to share with you all! She posts info for all different crochet works!

Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or try to fix your crochet work if you think something is wrong. In the end it will make your crocheting easier!

The Road to my Etsy Shop!

When I opened my Etsy shop back in 2011 I never dreamed I would make any money selling anything on it. I started out not doing crochet baby things at all even. When my son was a toddler I started cross stitching bookmarks. I had a neighbor ask if I sold them and I told her that I never really though of it before. She said she would buy one from me because she thought they were beautiful and unique! So I made her a custom one and she loved it! I decided to give it a try and open up an Etsy shop and see if I could make anything out of it.

I started with only the bookmarks. Here are a couple I made that started out in my shop.

I didn’t really sell many of them online, but I did get lots of compliments on my craftsmanship. Then I took a bit to think about what else I could do.

My mom started to teach me to crochet when I was in middle school and I picked it up really easy. I started to help her make blankets and stuff and enjoyed it a lot. So when I looked back at what I was good at I thought of that. Then I was trying to think what was popular right now and I automatically thought of babes. DING!!!

I started making baby hats and headbands. I didn’t want just a plain headband though. It needed to be different then most of them. Searching for embellishments, I found a butterfly that I could crochet. I attached it to the headband and it was super cute! My first item that I sold was the butterfly headband that I created!


When I sold that one I started to create different colored ones to sell and then did really well, but my shop needed more.

I started to create baby hats and I wanted something more with it. I found a book that was baby crochet patterns and it helped a ton! I started to create some baby shoes/booties to go with the hats. Those sets started to take off too and began selling.

It wasn’t enough though, and I needed something to make my shop unique. Racking my brain trying to think of what I could make to add to my shop that would be different. I wanted to keep with the babies because they are super cute and fun to create for. Then I thought of twins. What do people need for twins to help tell them apart? Most people get two different colored hats, or some put nail polish on their feet. I wanted something different but cute at the same time. Another DING!!!! Baby Bracelets/Anklets! Creating two different colors for each twin! Since then my shop has taken off. The baby bracelets/anklets have been my biggest seller. I have don’t lots of different variations and it makes my shop unique and gives parents of twins a unique and fun way to tell their little ones apart!


So for those of you that own a Etsy shop and think you are not getting enough sales? Give it some time. My shop started out super slow and I had to re-think the items in my shop. While I still like to make the headbands and hats and still have them in my shop when I have them, I found my niche with the baby bracelets!

Juggling Life

It’s one of those days when I feel like I am trying to do everything all in one day. I love being a stay at home mom and being able to run two home businesses but sometimes I just wish I could do nothing all day LOL.

Are there days in your life when you feel like you are doing too much on one day or put too much on your plate?

I did manage to be able to do one thing for myself today, and that was touch up the gel on my nails!


The colors are because another one of the things to do today is my son is in baseball, and his baseball league gets to parade around the field down at Coors Field in Denver. So we get to go to the Colorado Rockies game tonight and I love my ROCKS team so why not show my team spirit!

Gifted kids

Do you have a gifted kid at home? Or know a gifted kid?

My son is 7 and we started him out at a STEM school thinking it would be a great fit for him. Little did we know that the homework my son was getting sent home he would do in a couple minutes. When we asked her about it and said it was too easy for him she said she would send home other homework. When he came home from school the next day what did he have? The same homework just more of it!!! I mean really? That is when we decided to look into different options for school.

His best friend goes to a school for gifted kids and his mom told us about it. We decided to take a tour and see what it was about. When we took the tour they were describing the attributes of gifted kids and such and it clicked. That’s what our son needs. This is the environment he needs to be in. We got him in as soon as possible. He couldn’t be happier there and he has been there for a year and a half now!

This week has been one of the hardest though. He is a gifted kid so he is a perfectionist and wants to get everything right and perfect. Spelling has always been hard for him and he ends up being behind in his spelling lists. I sat down with him and tried to help him with his spelling and the minute he gets it wrong he gets mad at himself for getting it wrong and has a meltdown. What do you do when you have a gifted child and they are perfectionists and have meltdowns? Have any of you experienced this?


Business vs Pleasure

Lately I have been working on a blanket project for my son. He really wants a Minecraft creeper blanket. I have been really excited about making it for him. It’s relaxing to work on, yet I feel like I should be working on items for my shop too.

If you have a Etsy shop when do you decided what project to work on? I wanted to create some baby blankets for my shop but I don’t want to take time away from my project for my own kid. Although my best sellers are baby bracelets which are really pretty fast to make I want to create something new for my shop.

If you think about it how much time do we actually spend on making making money for our family or spending money compared to doing something for fun? I feel like I spend more time worrying about money then doing something for fun, or that is more enjoyable and not worry about making money.

How do you balance between doing something for fun such as crafts and such, and doing something for a business?

May the 4th Be With You!

Do you call your self a Star Wars Geek? Well I don’t really but my son and my husband are! LOL I watch the movies and like them but I am not obsessed like my kid is. Today though is May 4th which is STAR WARS DAY!!! Do you have your star wars gear on today? Yes I own one so I am wearing my girly pink Star Wars shirt with BB8 on it cause he is da bomb!!!

For those of you that crochet do you have any fun Star Wars WIP’s that you are working on or have done in the past?

Me personally I don’t currently have anything Star Wars related that I am working on, but previous in my shop I had and sold light saber popsicle cozies!! They were super fun to make!

WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Should I make more of these?

For this happy day and occasion I am having a 15% OFF SALE in my shop today!! Just enter in MAYTHE4TH at checkout!

Sleepy Morning

Trying to wake up in the morning is one of the hardest tasks. Most days I just feel like laying in bed all day and not getting out for anything. Today was one of those days. Do you ever feel like you want to be a cat and just lay around all day? That is me today, but I managed to get out of bed and start the day. Granted I am still in my pj’s drinking my coffee and waiting for my sons ride to pick him up for school.

I wanted to get a jump on this morning writing to try to wake my brain up a little. As I sit here typing and yawning I feel like it is going to take a while to actually have my brain awake. What do you do to get your brain awake in the mornings when it just woke wake up?