Business vs Pleasure

Lately I have been working on a blanket project for my son. He really wants a Minecraft creeper blanket. I have been really excited about making it for him. It’s relaxing to work on, yet I feel like I should be working on items for my shop too.

If you have a Etsy shop when do you decided what project to work on? I wanted to create some baby blankets for my shop but I don’t want to take time away from my project for my own kid. Although my best sellers are baby bracelets which are really pretty fast to make I want to create something new for my shop.

If you think about it how much time do we actually spend on making making money for our family or spending money compared to doing something for fun? I feel like I spend more time worrying about money then doing something for fun, or that is more enjoyable and not worry about making money.

How do you balance between doing something for fun such as crafts and such, and doing something for a business?