May the 4th Be With You!

Do you call your self a Star Wars Geek? Well I don’t really but my son and my husband are! LOL I watch the movies and like them but I am not obsessed like my kid is. Today though is May 4th which is STAR WARS DAY!!! Do you have your star wars gear on today? Yes I own one so I am wearing my girly pink Star Wars shirt with BB8 on it cause he is da bomb!!!

For those of you that crochet do you have any fun Star Wars WIP’s that you are working on or have done in the past?

Me personally I don’t currently have anything Star Wars related that I am working on, but previous in my shop I had and sold light saber popsicle cozies!! They were super fun to make!

WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Should I make more of these?

For this happy day and occasion I am having a 15% OFF SALE in my shop today!! Just enter in MAYTHE4TH at checkout!


I have come back from the dead!!! Haha just kidding. I know I have been absentee for a while. I have been super busy.  My son just started coach pitch baseball, and my shop has been super busy with baby braacelets and such. I also added a new line of kids yoga socks to my shop and I am going to be making adult yoga socks too!
Here is the child size yoga socks that I have for sale now. These can be made in any colors and also made any size.

My family and I have also started a new Etsy shop as a family. My husband loves to go rockhounding and majored in Geology for a long time. I have been enjoying going with him and so has our 5 year old. If you like rocks, gems and fossils then you should check out our shop! We also sell supplies for jewelry! Check it out!

More to come soon!

Newest in shop!

I have added the sleep masks to my shop! What is neat is not only can you purchase one mask for your kiddo, but I have a listing for a party pack! So if your little girl is having a birthday party sleep over or just a fun slumber party then you can purchase masks for them to wear!
Masks Section of shop

Purple mask

Pink Mask

Party Pack!

I also have added some new bracelets to my shop too! These are bracelets with barrel clasps and you can even get the names embroidered on them! Here is the link to those!
Barrel Clasp Bracelets


When my son was a baby and was teething I tried many different things to help. We tired baby orajel, teething rings, pacifiers, and other things. The one that he seemed to like the best though was either ice in a washcloth or just a wet washcloth that I put in the freezer. So I thought what would be a great cobination of the two for me to make? I came up with the idea of a TEETHING POUCH!!! So here is the newest addition to my shop. I hope that it catches on and mom’s try it for their kiddos.

So here you can put ice cubes in it.

It has velcro to close

It is made of 100% cotton yarn so its OK for babies mouths. You can either put ice cubes in it for them to chew on or you can wet the entire pouch and stick it in the freezer! Pass this on to your friends and families! Here is the link to see it in my shop!

Getting more traffic!

Well after a long time of not getting a ton of views and traffic to my shop I am finally getting more to my shop! I am participating in 2 groups on facebook that is helping tremendously! I also am coming up with a few new item ideas, one of which is for sale in my shop! The kids sleep mask is now for sale and I am going to be making more of them and adding them as a pack to market for girls slumber parties/sleepovers! Here is the one I have for sale now:

Here is the link to it if your interested in buying it!

I am not going to give much info on the product that will be added this week but it has to do with teething for babies!

Twitter Party!

Took part in my first Twitter Party today! It was a great help to my stats in my shop! Here are some of the gorgeous items I saw! All you can find on Etsy. Also my shop is participating in a Etsy Virtual Sale. Here is the facebook link!

There will be lots of other shops there also! So come check it out! Tomorrow Jan 3rd from 7 to 10 pm EST time.



Benefits of Handmade

So what are the benefits of handmade? Do you ever wonder why it would be better to purchase something that was handmade by someone rather then buying it at say Target or any retailer?
Sometimes when I think about it I try to think about what makes me want to buy something that is handmade or custom even. I love the fact that when I make something that I am not just making it to make it. I put thought and love and effort into everything that I create. Whether or not its for me or someone I know or for a customer.
You can’t go into a store and get that same feeling knowing that you are buying something and it was made just for you with care. I also do a lot of custom items in my shop that I can put names on or different colors and such. Say you want a specific size, color, and style and its not in the store then you are just out of luck. Not the case when it comes to handmade. Most of the time if you ask the shop owner on Esty or such they will gladly do it to however you would like it.
I communicate with all my customers on what colors they want for which child anklet and what the names for each one. They love the fact that I took the time to find out each and every detail of their order so they get exactly what they want.
Yes sometimes handmade is more expensive then in the store but handmade is a much better quality. You want to know that someone is not just sitting in a factory or a machine didn’t make it for you but someone took the time to sit down and custom create something just for you. So next time you want to purchase something then think about going to Etsy and getting something handmade custom to what you want and not just what there is on the shelf.

Just a thought…shop handmade!

Looking through some of my blogs that I follow I came across this from Wilde Designs.

I love this idea! Even if you have kids and buy the many toys and such that they asked for for Christmas, you could still get a little something handmade! There are many stores on Etsy that have things for everyone in your family. If you are looking for things for your baby then check out my shop at Everything Precious but if its something else you need then search on Etsy!
Here are some of the shops that I really like if you need some ideas!

There are many more! Just come check out Etsy!
Thanks for the idea from Wilde Designs! Here is the website for their shop!