Gifted kids

Do you have a gifted kid at home? Or know a gifted kid?

My son is 7 and we started him out at a STEM school thinking it would be a great fit for him. Little did we know that the homework my son was getting sent home he would do in a couple minutes. When we asked her about it and said it was too easy for him she said she would send home other homework. When he came home from school the next day what did he have? The same homework just more of it!!! I mean really? That is when we decided to look into different options for school.

His best friend goes to a school for gifted kids and his mom told us about it. We decided to take a tour and see what it was about. When we took the tour they were describing the attributes of gifted kids and such and it clicked. That’s what our son needs. This is the environment he needs to be in. We got him in as soon as possible. He couldn’t be happier there and he has been there for a year and a half now!

This week has been one of the hardest though. He is a gifted kid so he is a perfectionist and wants to get everything right and perfect. Spelling has always been hard for him and he ends up being behind in his spelling lists. I sat down with him and tried to help him with his spelling and the minute he gets it wrong he gets mad at himself for getting it wrong and has a meltdown. What do you do when you have a gifted child and they are perfectionists and have meltdowns? Have any of you experienced this?



I have come back from the dead!!! Haha just kidding. I know I have been absentee for a while. I have been super busy.  My son just started coach pitch baseball, and my shop has been super busy with baby braacelets and such. I also added a new line of kids yoga socks to my shop and I am going to be making adult yoga socks too!
Here is the child size yoga socks that I have for sale now. These can be made in any colors and also made any size.

My family and I have also started a new Etsy shop as a family. My husband loves to go rockhounding and majored in Geology for a long time. I have been enjoying going with him and so has our 5 year old. If you like rocks, gems and fossils then you should check out our shop! We also sell supplies for jewelry! Check it out!

More to come soon!

New creation try…

So I was trying to think about new things for babies and kids that I could make. I was thinking how to make babies sleep better. Well how do adults sleep good? Sometimes they wear masks. So why not a kid wear a mask? Maybe someone has already made them but I wanted to crochet them! So I found a pattern courtesy of and just did it without the owl on it and and made it with a smaller hook! I am planning on making more and some of them for babies too. It would keep the sun out of their little faces and eyes when they are trying to sleep!
Here is what I made today!

Need some input…..What do you think?

Just a thought…shop handmade!

Looking through some of my blogs that I follow I came across this from Wilde Designs.

I love this idea! Even if you have kids and buy the many toys and such that they asked for for Christmas, you could still get a little something handmade! There are many stores on Etsy that have things for everyone in your family. If you are looking for things for your baby then check out my shop at Everything Precious but if its something else you need then search on Etsy!
Here are some of the shops that I really like if you need some ideas!

There are many more! Just come check out Etsy!
Thanks for the idea from Wilde Designs! Here is the website for their shop!

Holiday weekend fun!

Well its Friday! We are planning on going to the Parade of Lights downtown Denver as a family and my son is bringing one of his friends from school. We are also gonna decorate the house this weekend! I am super excited to decorate. We will be getting our tree on Wednesday though. Also going to be baking cookies with one of my son’s other friends. In the mist of all this holiday fun I am going to try to work on my quilts that I have 🙂 I want to start working on the Christmas table topper that I got yesterday and we shall see if I get it done before Christmas HAHA.

New projects

Its that time of year again! Tis the season for holiday shopping! I am working on a few projects for my family right now, but also going to be trying my hand at quilting soon! My dad bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday/Christmas present this year and I am excited to try it out.

I have made my son a new pillow for his bed for my first project with it and it came out pretty well!

My next project is a baby quilt for my shop. I have the quilt squares and the batting and now I just have to put it together HAHA Easier said then done, but here is what I have so far.

My new sewing machine!