I want to learn to crochet!

The other day I was working on some of my baby bracelets for my shop and my 7 year old son comes up to me and says “mom I want to learn how to crochet like you!” I said you have to have patience and not get frustrated with it. Let me tell you about him so this will make more sense.
My son is a very gifted child. He goes to a charter school for gifted and talented kids. He comes home and works on his spelling (which is the only thing he struggles with) and when he gets a word spelled wrong he starts to break down and cry and get upset. Being a perfectionist like that is hard so if its not right or he doesn’t get it then he has a melt down.

Well here we are talking about learning a new skill that takes practice and patience and I wanted to make sure that he didn’t get frustrated and upset. I sat down with him and taught him how to use the crochet hook, and how to “wrap” the yarn around his fingers like I do. We started with a chain and just doing that over and over again.

I was so incredibly proud of him that he didn’t get upset or frustrated at it once! He kept trying and practicing. He wanted to make a tail band for his Eevee stuffed animal. So here is that creation that he made for his stuffed animal!


My life My Shop

I started a job a year and a half ago. I loved it and it took up a lot of my time. It was working with special needs children in a school. While it was a great job and I loved working there my back didn’t agree with me. Just within the last week though I took a look at my job and life and had to think about what I wanted to do with my life. What can I do that I love but won’t physically be demanding on my body. Then I thought “Hey lets re open my Everything Precious shop and try to make that more of what I want”.
So here I am with my grand re opening last week and I already made a sale! It was a great motivator to know that I can do this if I put my heart and time into it! So here I am back at work on my shop! Come back to my blog and stay with me on my journey!

I have come back from the dead!!! Haha just kidding. I know I have been absentee for a while. I have been super busy.  My son just started coach pitch baseball, and my shop has been super busy with baby braacelets and such. I also added a new line of kids yoga socks to my shop and I am going to be making adult yoga socks too!
Here is the child size yoga socks that I have for sale now. These can be made in any colors and also made any size.


My family and I have also started a new Etsy shop as a family. My husband loves to go rockhounding and majored in Geology for a long time. I have been enjoying going with him and so has our 5 year old. If you like rocks, gems and fossils then you should check out our shop! We also sell supplies for jewelry! Check it out!

More to come soon!

Newest in shop!

I have added the sleep masks to my shop! What is neat is not only can you purchase one mask for your kiddo, but I have a listing for a party pack! So if your little girl is having a birthday party sleep over or just a fun slumber party then you can purchase masks for them to wear!
Masks Section of shop

Purple mask

Pink Mask

Party Pack!

I also have added some new bracelets to my shop too! These are bracelets with barrel clasps and you can even get the names embroidered on them! Here is the link to those!
Barrel Clasp Bracelets

Kids and Reading

This morning I came home today from taking my son to school and I the roads were bad. I live in Colorado and when it snows it is usually cold and last night it was raining and then started to snow and was cold. So the roads this morning were icy and so I came home and sat at the computer to relax and de-compress. I made myself some coffee with my nice new milk frother I got for Christmas and check my email, facebook and twitter. I came across this tweet that Parents Magazine posted about reading to your kids. Talks about how reading to them at an early age will encourage them to become readers and like and want to read.
Now when I was pregnant with my son I read to him in my stomach. We had one of those microphone things that you put on your stomach so the baby can hear. We didn’t read a lot to him when he was younger, but when we turned say 2 then we started to read every night to him. Now that he is 5 and in Kindergarten learning how to read himself we are starting to read to him more and encouraging him to read some of it to us. We are also starting to read more chapter books to him since he is old enough that he will keep his attention when there are no pictures to look at.

I am curious as to how many of you that have kids read to your little one when you were pregnant and how often you read to them now?

If you would like to see the article I read here is the link to it! I follow them on twitter and they post some really interesting stuff!


When my son was a baby and was teething I tried many different things to help. We tired baby orajel, teething rings, pacifiers, and other things. The one that he seemed to like the best though was either ice in a washcloth or just a wet washcloth that I put in the freezer. So I thought what would be a great cobination of the two for me to make? I came up with the idea of a TEETHING POUCH!!! So here is the newest addition to my shop. I hope that it catches on and mom’s try it for their kiddos.

So here you can put ice cubes in it.

It has velcro to close

It is made of 100% cotton yarn so its OK for babies mouths. You can either put ice cubes in it for them to chew on or you can wet the entire pouch and stick it in the freezer! Pass this on to your friends and families! Here is the link to see it in my shop!

Working on lighting in pictures

I am working today on using my new camera and trying to get some good shots of my items. It is hard but I know if I keep working at it then I will get the hang of it. Today the light is very bad too and usually I am working with natural light but today is snowy and cloudy and cold! So my light isn’t great, but here are some of the shots I have taken today. Any advice would be helpful!

I tried both flash and no flash.

I lightened it up a bit with Picasa.

My puppy was helping lol

Getting more traffic!

Well after a long time of not getting a ton of views and traffic to my shop I am finally getting more to my shop! I am participating in 2 groups on facebook that is helping tremendously! I also am coming up with a few new item ideas, one of which is for sale in my shop! The kids sleep mask is now for sale and I am going to be making more of them and adding them as a pack to market for girls slumber parties/sleepovers! Here is the one I have for sale now:

Here is the link to it if your interested in buying it!

I am not going to give much info on the product that will be added this week but it has to do with teething for babies!